From the Principal's Desk


 The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.
-Martin Luther King, Jr.


Human soul, without education, is like marble in the quarry, which shows none of its inherent beauties till the skill of the polisher fetches out the colours, makes the surface shine, and discovers every ornamental cloud, spot and vein that runs through the body of it. 
What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the soul. 

We are committed to provide a conducive and caring atmosphere to all our students, just apt for the young minds to be nurtured. The atmosphere at school must be an amalgamation of modern trends and invaluable tradition in a truly child-friendly environment. We aim to inculcate in our students great self-discipline, intense perseverance and zeal to excel which are the qualities required to meet the challenges of the modern society. The school seeks your utmost co-operation and support at all times to achieve the high standards set.

Education is the most important and the only on-going process which encourages, inspires and enthuses one to explore into the galaxy of dreams and vision. It prepares and propels one for immediate action and implementation. In the words of G.K. Chesterton, “Education is simply the soul of society as it passes from one generation to the next”.  This is the outlook of learning that we strive to instil in our students at Mahatma Gandhi School.

We are on a passionate and exciting journey towards carrying forward a highly progressive and enterprising academic institution, pledged to providing quality education with great emphasis on traditional values. Along with academic excellence, Mahatma Gandhi School is committed to inculcating in all its students, strong ethical values of integrity, politeness, kindness and respect for elders. We firmly believe that education should foster confidence, discipline, clarity in thought and decision-making ability to set and achieve goals, and above all, social responsibility as a life-long process.

Our curriculum embraces the holistic development of the student as the cornerstone of all schooling activity, ensuring a fine and healthy balance in the development and blossoming of the cognitive, effective and the psycho motor domains of the learner. We ensure that the assessment techniques as are meant to assess the comprehension of various concepts by the child and the application of the same for problem solving and/or employing life skills; not mere memorization and rote-learning from the textbooks.

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