Co-Curricular Activities

The school encourages students to participate in several co-curricular activities like speech contest: recitation, storytelling and declamation; Sports; Basket Ball, Foot Ball, Volley Ball, Martial Arts; Athletics; Educational field trips; Craft and Dramatics etc. 

Students regularly participate in extracurricular activities like dancing – classical, folk / contemporary; vocal music – choir, solo, duets, instrumental music; Martial Arts; Outings – Excursions and picnics; fashion shows; cooking, Digital Photography; celebrating festivals for cultivating a multicultural respect and anniversaries of famous personalities etc. The school organizes exhibitions, cultural shows, Parents Day, Variety Program, Sports at various intervals.

At MGS we encourage professionals from various fields to visit and talk to students to bring about awareness, expose them to various options so that they are able to weigh the pros and cons of any venture that they opt to undertake.