Brain Friendly Learning

We create the right Environment where children are :
RELAXED: confident amongst peers 
ALERT: switched on because they will be active 
MOTIVATED: want to learn as they see relevance 
POSITIVE: see themselves as successful learners 

We Maximize Learning Activities By 
- Using visual, audio and kinesthetic activities to ensure effective learning process 
- Using high emotional content such as excitement and novelty to enhance attention, meaning and retention 
- Using mind/body connections – the integration of mind and body e.g. clapping at full stops, making up names to go with scientific words to aid meaning 

We connect The Learning 
Teachers help the brain look for meaning where the lesson fits into the scheme of their learning, connects to previous learning and is relevant to the world around them 

Show the children what they have learnt by demonstrating their understanding 

Review and re-review 
Help facilitate the children’s learning and its transfer to the long-term memory by constantly reviewing what they have learnt.

Children need regular signposting to know how they are doing and where they are going