Parent Teacher Partnership

Parent Teacher Meetings 
Timely information is extended to parents at regular intervals. Parent teacher meetings are held at least four times a year that is, twice a term. This is the time when the parents are expected to meet the class teacher and subject teachers and discuss their ward’s strengths and weaknesses. Parents can make an appointment to meet the teachers at any time during the academic year but by first notifying the Principal/Kepala. 

Parent Teacher Communication
Regular and daily communication with parents is maintained through the school diary. The students are expected to note their assignments in the diary. The diary gives you the updated rules and regulations every year together with the list of activities for the complete year. 

A parent is advised to use the diary for sending notes to the subject teacher for anything that they would like to communicate. There are pages in the diary for the teacher to remark about a student. Three entries by the same teacher could lead to a detention or suspension. When a student in admonished for uniform or lateness, it is recorded in the diary. 

Reporting to Parents
The school hands over a written progress report at the end of every formal evaluation. 

Visiting hours for parents
Parents are advised to visit the school only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11 : 00 a.m. to 1 : 00 p.m. to meet the Principal/Kepala with prior appointment. The appointment must be set with receptionist directly. The receptionist will be briefed in case of non – availability on the mentioned day and time. The Principal/Kepala will not be available at other times unless it is an emergency. We would appreciate if the timings and adhered to so that the Principal/Kepala is able to ensure the smooth running of the school. 

Parents are expected to
  • Read all circulars and instructions and abide by the school rules. 
  • Check the school diary everyday for information about homework, competitions, student discipline and snaptest. 
  • Parents should personally sign the report cards after every scheduled evaluation. 
  • Attend parent-teacher meetings regularly as per schedule. 
  • Ensure punctual reporting of their ward to school. 
  • Enforce study time table at home and ensure that their wards go to bed by 10.00 or 10.30 pm. 
  • All permissions must be sought directly from the Principal/Kepala.