Code of Conduct

Pupils are expected to: 
- Be polite and courteous to all. 
- Be progressively responsible for their actions and develop self-discipline. 
- Respect property and care for the school environment. 
- Be punctual for all school activities. 
- Have respect for each other’s world view. 
- Move sensibly around school and with a minimum of noise level so as not to disturb others. 
- Wear the correct school uniform. 
- Have a positive work ethic and meet deadlines and personal targets. 
- Enter classes quietly and purposefully, in readiness to work. 
- Act as role models for younger students 
- Always behave and conduct themselves impeccably to promote a positive image of the school in the community. 
- Hand all correspondence (on the day issued) to their parents and not open envelopes or forge the parents signatures. 

Classroom Expectations 
It is the goal of MGS to provide a classroom environment that is conductive to learning and to offer opportunities in which all students may realize their academic potential. Therefore you are expected to: 
- Arrive to class on time. 
- Enter and leave classes in a quiet and orderly manner. 
- Obey the specific safety rules displayed in practical rooms and science laboratories. 
- Sit in silence when waiting for the teacher to begin the lesson, when the teacher is talking and whenever the register is being called. 
- Place the bag neatly in the lockers or safely out of the way. 
- Obtain the teacher’s permission before talking or moving from your place. 
- Tidy up the tables and chairs at the end of each lesson, ensure that no rubbish has been left behind and then wait silently to be formally dismissed by the teacher.
- For study periods, students are to report to the appropriate member of staff.

Students are expected to be punctual and organized, as with all lessons and an atmosphere of quiet study will be maintained (Walkmans/MP3 Players/Handphones are not allowed).