Grade 7-12

International Curriculum – BSEISI and Cambridge IGCSE and A Level

At MGS (Mahatma Gandhi School) Kemayoran , Jakarta Indonesia we have two main curriculums that are followed.
·       The National curriculum and the
·        Complete English curriculum
 where in English is the main medium of instruction.

This particular section of MGS offers admissions for students from Grade VII ( Freshers ) upto to Grade XII( Senior School ) thereby covering Junior school, Sophomore  and High school.
We provide two overseas certificates which are accepted worldwide.
Firstly the ‘Board certificates’ at the level of Grade 10 (the Matriculation certificate) and in the final year Grade 12 the students are awarded the High school certificates.

These examinations are monitored and controlled by the BSEISI which stands for the Board of Secondary Examinations of Indian schools Indonesia.  The BSEISI is an autonomous education body authorized to conduct the board examinations at grade 10 and grade 12 levels.
On completion of these examinations an equivalency certificate is made available from India. This certificate has international acceptance and is acts as a stepping stone to getting admission in prestigious universities abroad.

The next and most important curriculum offered by this branch of MGS is the CIE Examination .
This comprises  of the IGCSE examination ( international general certificate of secondary examination) for grade 10 levels and AS(advanced subsidiary )  and A ( Advanced ) levels for high schools

In the present times to cope up with global trends in education, the government of Indonesia has come up with a collaboration strategy whereby students opting for an overseas syllabi have to compulsorily take up certain subjects taught in the local media of instruction. Likewise the students opting for the complete national curriculum have to take up certain subjects as welll , which uses English (EFL) as the medium of instruction. This has been laid down as a mandatory requisite from the Eeducationn  department , the Ggovernment of Indonesia.

The ultimate aim being the promotion of a mutual symbiotic global exchange of knowledge & information & technology to keep abreastwith  the modern trends in education.

At MGS we have come up with a system which well not hinder the performance or cause unnecessary stress to the student ; instead will adhere to the present Government requirement and yet will simultaneously provide a healthy and  an enriched learning experience & environment.


. All knowledge and learning only broadens over vision and opens up the doors of opportunity